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Facts on Canada's Opioid Crisis
over 4 years ago


Opioid are drugs used to relieve pain. The drug can also be used to bring a feeling of euphoria. A doctor can prescribe opioids for medicinal use to patients or people can consume the drug illegally.


People who use opioid with other depressants like alcohol are at a risk of taking opioid in excess. It is also bad to resume taking opioid after you stop taking or you switch to another type of opioid without the doctor's authority.

There are three different types of opioid, the semi-synthetic, synthetic and the naturally occurring. Semi-synthetic drugs are manufactured by altering the chemical arrangement of a naturally occurring opioid. The naturally occurring is made from a liquid, which is extracted from opium poppy flowers. A synthetic opioid is manufactured methadone chemicals.


Health officers in Canada say that opioid works by interacting with body proteins, which are known as opioid receptors. The body receptors are located in the human brain, gastrointestinal tract, and the spinal cord. Opioid drugs travel to these body parts through the blood. Click here for more on Opioid Crisis: http://spectrummdx.com/opioid-crisis-canada/.


Opioid drugs can cause nausea, impotence in men, euphoria, constipation, dizziness, confusion, headaches, and breathing problems. It is best for one to avoid taking opioids all the time to avoid all these effects. One is also likely to take an overdose without knowing.


In Canada, most people are being affected by opioid after taking them in overdose. The effects of these drugs are too bad for a person. It is not easy for someone to overcome the feeling easily once you have taken an overdose.

Opioids have caused many deaths in Canada. Making most people to be left by their loved ones. The issue has become a complex social and health issue with overwhelming consequences for families, individuals and the communities at large.

In the past few years, the rate at which people were hospitalized in the hospitals in Canada because of opioid poisoning has highly increased when compared to the years back. The rate at which people who needed an emergency response in most communities, also increased by more than twenty percent for the past four years.


Because of these effects, Canada is experiencing more problems when it comes to employing doctors. The state has to increase the number of doctors and health facilities to save people's lives. A lot of money is used in health. The issue can be handled if everyone is careful with what he or she does. The doctors should also be careful not to administer opioid to people suffering from anywhere; instead, they should use it correctly. Visit https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/opioid-crisis-chronic-pain_us_5b3a4eb2e4b09e4a8b25ebe6 for more.

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